Project: Reconstruction Garden Villa Krone

Project: crown garden villa Conversion of the former Fussenegger Villa into hotel rooms. The need for high-quality hotel rooms with plenty of privacy and private garden access has led to the conversion of the former villa from the 70s. Twelve high-quality rooms with exclusive furnishings including solid wood furniture, lighting control, high-quality bathrooms and garden… Details

Project: Conversion Mäser, Dornbirn

Project: Conversion Mäser, Dornbirn In the terraced house complex Eschbühel from the 70s a corner terraced house was renovated. In addition to thermal refurbishment with basement ceiling insulation, external insulation and new windows, the living space on the ground floor was opened on the valley side. In addition, the living space was enlarged by the… Details

Project: Housing estate, Dornbirn

Project: WA Tobelgasse, Dornbirn Small residential complex on a slope, constructed as a 4-storey, terraced wooden building. The complex consists of 5 units, including 2 large apartments, a middle apartment and 2 studios. The apartments have spacious terraces with distant views. Ecological timber construction with oiled wooden floors and high rooms (2.65m).  Very energy efficient… Details