Project: Apartment S, Dornbirn

Project: Apartment S, Dornbirn Interior design for the apartment S. One focus in the design of the apartment was the use of ecological building materials. The surfaces were left partly raw and partly oiled. Only mineral colours were used. The kitchen block consists of a stainless steel industrial kitchen. The oiled wooden floors are designed… Details

Project: Apartment M, Dornbirn

Project: Apartment M, Dornbirn Interior design for apartment M. It was important to plan an open kitchen with dining area and separate pantry. Ecological building materials were used for the design of the apartment, whereby the surfaces were left partly raw and partly oiled. The focus was on the realisation of personal living and living… Details

Project: Reconstruction Garden Villa Krone

Project: crown garden villa Conversion of the former Fussenegger Villa into hotel rooms. The need for high-quality hotel rooms with plenty of privacy and private garden access has led to the conversion of the former villa from the 70s. Twelve high-quality rooms with exclusive furnishings including solid wood furniture, lighting control, high-quality bathrooms and garden… Details