Project: EFH Koch

Project: EFH cook, Dornbirn The house in passive house quality is a redensification of an existing single-family house in the district Fluh/Dornbirn. The difficulty was to place the new building structure in such a way that it would enhance the qualities of the property without disadvantageous to the existing house. The exterior areas were integrated… Details

Project: EFH plus energy house Leitner, Bregenz

Project: PlusEnergyHouse Leitner, Bregenz Energy-efficient building and good architecture are not mutually exclusive. The two high-quality apartments in passive house quality were constructed in solid construction, the facades consist of high-quality clinker bricks with the idea of keeping the maintenance of the houses as low as possible. On the roof there is a photovoltaic system… Details

Project: EFH Rhomberg

Project: EFH Rhomberg, Dornbirn Generation house The PlusEnergy house in timber construction is currently to function as a single-family house and can be extended in the long term. The clear building structure is preceded by a terrace structure that functions both as an outdoor area and as a sun protection against summer overheating. The desire… Details

Project: EFH Mäser, Dornbirn

Project: EFH Mäser, Dornbirn Das Einfamilienhaus wurde mit der Möglichkeit für eine spätere Erweiterung geplant. Das Haus kann in einem zweiten Schritt vergrössert werden. Die Statik, die Haustechnik und die Abstände sind so gewählt, dass je nach Bedarf aufgestockt werden kann. Bauweise in Passivhausqualität mit Photovoltaikanlage auf dem Dach. Innovative Holzbauweise mit sichtbaren Holz-Oberflächen innen.… Details