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Dialogue/ Communication
Personal care, social health in the sense of affordable architecture and democratic decision-making processes are close to our hearts. In most cases it is possible to reduce the clients’ fear of threshold problems. Architecture must take place in dialogue and at the same time in the area of tension with the client.
We offer a complete handling, starting from the idea over tenders up to construction management and handling. We see ourselves as a service provider and client representative who advises, assists and represents the future residents.

Energy efficiency:
As passive house planners, we feel the need to plan buildings in such a way that as little energy as possible is used for construction, operation and maintenance. It is important to ensure that the building shell is as well insulated as possible, with no thermal bridges, facing south to generate solar energy and controlled ventilation for air hygiene and reduced energy consumption.

Use of materials that are biologically sound. The aim is to keep the proportion of grey energy as low as possible, which we achieve with local crafts, renewable building materials, building materials that require as little energy as possible for their production. Simple, natural and untreated materials are primarily used.

Our services

  1. 1. good architecture can only be created in dialogue with the building owners

  2. 2. the passive house or, in the continuation, the plus-energy house is state of the art

  3. 3. affordable housing in the sense of social health

  4. 4. building in a building community means living in the neighbourhood

  5. 5. ecological building as planning philosophy and holistic approach in the sense of life-cycle consideration


Rudolf Sommer

RUDOLF SOMMER is an independent architect specialising in detached houses, terraced houses and residential buildings. The office services include consulting, planning and execution of new buildings, renovations and refurbishments.

The human being is in the foreground, summer architecture independence, timelessness and farsightedness captivate. We deliberately avoid trendy showmanship and thus achieve a natural self-evidence in architectural expression.

In addition to architectural services, Sommer Architektur also offers the organisation and implementation of any building project. Important is the harmony of space, form, proportion as well as reduction to the essentials with a love of detail.

Definition of Assembly:

Assemblies consist of individuals who organise themselves into a group/community in order to create as such a cost-effective, self-determined space for individual and communal living and living. They combine the possibility to create on larger plots or ensembles or to use them with the advantage of a high individuality for the individual.

Basic idea:

The goal is a house or house community of diversity, with the desire to actively participate in the design of building sites, planning and construction. In short: self-determined, innovative, cost-effective building.


  • These are numerous and can be summarised as follows
  • Type of construction is possible starting from two persons
  • Diverse design possibilities
  • Financial advantages
  • Communicative advantages
  • Social benefits
  • Contribution of own contributions
  • Positive group dynamic process

Target audience:

As diverse as the people, can be also the motives, why people join together to an assembly. For example, people who have a building site and want to make optimum use of it, or people who set off together to search for a building site. But it is not only about the financial advantages of this type of construction. One of the basic prerequisites must be the desire for a conscious and tolerant approach to others. Families and Singles, young and older humans, established and moved in, in addition, humans with handicap are addressed evenly all those the readiness bring along in an active house community to live and in addition their future living surrounding field actively as building group from the outset to co-design want. The people involved can and should be different, but the “chemistry” must fit. Who brings along this readiness, the communicative and formative advantages outweigh completely certainly, and/or, concerning the financial aspect, own building often only becomes possible.

Our contribution:

We see ourselves as a collection basin for those interested in assemblies. We bring you together, accompany you professionally in the finding process, (who can with whom; I determine who my neighbour(s) will) support you in the search for a building site, design together with you the legal framework, advise you in financial matters, work out with you first drafts and accompany you through the planning and construction phase, up to the occupation of the apartment or house.


Get in contact with us. We will be pleased to inform you in detail about this design, which is little known in Vorarlberg, and explain to you the extensive advantages but the exciting aspects of this approach.
Rudolf Sommer: 0664/430 63 83